Mandalorian Love Triangle (SWTOR Fanfic Photoshop Experiments)

Agent Vax, also known as Cypher Five, is a former lover of Talyc’s, and he still has feelings for him. Talyc is with Fane, a Jedi defying the rules of the Order in order to be with him, who is also about to fufil his destiny and has a 50% chance of dying. And as happened in previous chapters, Vax wants to get between them.

Vax is also a character I created in SWTOR. Fane’s armour, like Talyc’s is from SWTOR, while his head, like Talyc’s, is from Dragon Age: Inquisition, all created specifically to depict these characters.

Placing Vax with Fane was not complicated, and I used a screenshot of Dromund Kaas, the Imperial Intelligence Head Quarters for their confrontation. I only slightly moved Fane’s arm.

Fane and Vax confrontation on Dromund Kaas (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

Similarly, I placed Talyc and Vax on a background from my guild’s Imperial side stronghold on Dromund Kaas to depict Vax’s apartment. Both Talyc and Fane’s armours get a hole recolouring in Photoshop. Here I bent Talyc for him to be leaning, since here he is drunk and wanting to forget his pain by attempting to cheat on Fane with his ex (oh the angst these two always go through), and moved his arm to appear as though he’s leaning on the wall for support.

Talyc drunk with Vax on Dromund Kaas (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

In both images, Vax’s expressions come directly from SWTOR Mood emotes.

As always, I’m open to feedback.

These images were created for my Star Wars The Old Republic Fan-fiction story, The Future of the Force, Story 9 in the Shadie series.

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