Desperate Desire – Dragon Age Solas Fan-fiction

This fanfic was written with a bit of fun from readers. I made a series of polls on Twitter to determine the franchise, pairing, characters, etc. Readers also selected wanting angst to accompany the smut, with a bit of fluff.

As per, the excerpt is safe for work.

Solas can no longer bear being away from his Vhenan. He seeks her out
and allows himself to feel everything he desires of her, emotionally and physically.

Solas stared down at the table on which he leaned, tears brimming his eyes, consumed by his guilt and longing. A knot formed in his stomach. His own words echoed in his mind. “I felt the whole world change.” As did her words. “Var lath vir suledin!” Their kiss lingered on his lips, even after all this time, as had every kiss. It would linger for all eternity.
        Solas pushed himself off the table, shouting in anguish. Heaving, he trembled, the howling wind outside the White Spire the only other noise in the mountain range thaig.
        Solas thought back at how he came to this point, how it all began. He remembered waking and feeling so little, feeling numb, as it should have been, for it kept him focused.
        The people of the world he awoke to felt empty and devoid of true and deep emotion. They had a way of severing magical connections from mages and called these, Tranquil. He met Tranquil, and he felt that even those who were not sundered from magic were but a mere shell of what a true being could be, could feel, and the energy they could exude around them.
        Solas had felt devoid of emotions, neutral, and this was how he wanted it to remain. Stripped from the Fade in this world he had created when he held up the sky and separated the Veil from the world, sundered from magic, he was numb and weak, and only his regret remained.
        And then…
        Solas closed his eyes and whispered, ‘Vhenan.
        She made him feel everything around him, everything between them, as a tingle coursing through his veins. With every heartbeat, his skin was caressed with a ghostly sensation of crackling magical energy. A longing filled his heart, a need only she could satiate.
        Solas turned and clutched his stomach, feeling the pain physically as a wound in his gut. He balled his hands into fists and let himself slide to the floor, weeping.
        I cannot bear the thought of you alone.
        A loud sob escaped him.
        He had to find a way, some way, any way.
        Resolved, Solas lifted himself from the floor and marched to the place where he kept his disguises. He knew what he had to do.

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