Does This Please You? Fan-fiction Dragon Age story

I have written another Dragon Age fan-fiction explicit short story. This one was written as a gift for the Dragon Age Day fundraiser as one of the rewards offered to contributors of the charity campaign. This one was written for Gynedroid.

Note, this excerpt will remain PG, and will link to the warning page before you proceed to the actual story.

Nathaniel Howe realises just how much he loves Elsa Cousland,
and commits to pleasing her for the rest of his life.

Nathaniel looked back at the cave’s opening through which Elsa had disappeared, his heart sinking, as he nocked another arrow on his bow. He let the arrow loose right into the forehead of the darkspawn barrelling towards him.
        ‘Right between the eyes, hehe,’ laughed Oghren.
        ‘On your left!’ cried Anders.
        Nathaniel turned and sent another volley of arrows, while the apostate sent a burst of flames towards the approaching ogre.
        The three took several steps back, moving further away from the mouth of the cave.
        ‘I don’t like this!’ Nathaniel hissed.
        ‘None of us like darkspawn, pretty boy,’ said Oghren.
        ‘Elsa hasn’t returned since entering that cave!’
        ‘She’s probably just finishing off all the darkspawn we’re failing to kill,’ said Anders, readying another spell, his hands lifting high into the air.
        ‘But the darkspawn are coming from the cave!’ argued Nathaniel, giving another killing blow to a hurlock.
        ‘Is your heart yearning?’ Oghren looked at Nathaniel in a mock pout while hacking his axe at the ogre. Surprisingly, he didn’t miss his shot.
        Nathaniel ignored the dwarf and stabbed a genlock with the arrow he was about to nock. He dodged an incoming attack, sliding beneath the ogre and coming up on the other side. Turning, he lifted his bow to aim when Anders’s magic flared in a wild arc, and the ogre and surrounding darkspawn went down in one blow.
        ‘And that’s why you don’t keep a mage chained,’ Anders said, a smug expression on his face.
        The calm of the still air descended on the group. Nathaniel looked back towards the cave.
        ‘It’s been too long,’ he said. He started towards the cave.
        Anders took hold of his arm, stopping him. ‘We don’t know what’s down there.’
        The cave was quiet, which meant that wherever Elsa had been pushed to was much farther than Nathaniel could bear.
        ‘I don’t care; I’m going after her.’ Nathaniel shoved Anders off him. He was going to find Elsa, no matter what it took. ‘And I’ll go in there alone if I have to.’ His heart ached, not only from being away from her, but also from the fear that she might be injured or worse.
        Nathaniel took a few cautious steps into the cave, his bow ready, eyes darting around to be sure no darkspawn would jump out at him.
        ‘Oh, sodding heck!’ Oghren shouted. ‘Drinks are on you after this.’
        Nathaniel couldn’t help but smile mildly as he heard his friend barrelling down the path to catch up to him.
        ‘I better not regret this!’ Anders said, appearing behind them. ‘If Ser Pounce-A-Lot misses dinner for this…’ Anders didn’t complete his threat.
        Taking a long steadying breath, Nathaniel slowly craned his neck towards Anders, glaring at him. ‘Your cat,’ he said with deliberate pauses, ‘can wait.’
        He stared at Anders for a brief moment before turning back towards the path and continuing.
        ‘Man can’t take a joke,’ he heard Anders mutter.
        Nathaniel focused to hear any sound of Elsa, hurrying further and further down a large winding path. Around a bend, the path divided into three separate passages.
        Nathaniel listened. His stomach tightened as he heard the clang of weapons. ‘This way.’
        His will quickened his pace to a run, and he didn’t care if his boots echoed on the cavern floor. He needed to reach Elsa; he needed her alive.

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