New Dragon Age Fanfic Scene – Elated bathing (NSFW)

I have written a new standalone Dragon Age fanfic scene, taking place between Inquisitor Maxwell Trevelyan and Dorian Pavus. This is a lot more explicit than anything I’ve published before and on AO3 is my most popular fic to date. (Below is only but a tiny excerpt of the fic to keep this post SFW, but the story itself is NSFW.)

Inquisitor Maxwell Trevelyan takes a hot bath after a long day and decides to call Dorian Pavus with his sending crystal for him to command him how to wash and touch his body.

‘Will there be anything else, Inquisitor?’ Lady Montelyet asked.
        Maxwell looked once more at the war table; everything looked set for the day. ‘No, that will be all. Dismissed.’
        ‘Just call on us if you need anything,’ the Commander said.
        Maxwell nodded, feeling a wave of weariness wash over him. The sky had darkened and dusk was turning into night.
        ‘I think I’m going to run myself a hot bath,’ he said to himself, as he exited the war room.
        He headed upstairs and boiled some water to pour in his bath. He looked longingly at the sending crystal Dorian had given him. Tevinter was so far, and the Exalted Council was already weeks past. Speaking with Dorian every few days just wasn’t the same as having him here with him.
        Maxwell’s lips curled into a smile as an idea came to mind. He walked over to the crystal, he took it in his hand and spoke into it, activating it. Then he placed it on the bench next to the bath.
        ‘Amatus,’ came Dorian’s voice.
        ‘Dorian.’ Maxwell pulled his shirt off his body. His taut muscles were sore, he knew the hot water would be soothing. ‘It is good to hear your voice.’
        ‘As it is to hear yours, amatus. You’ve caught me at a good time; I was just thinking about you.’
        ‘Is that so?’ said Maxwell. He dropped his pants to the floor. ‘I was just about to take a bath.’
        ‘Ooh, a shame I can’t be there to bathe with you.’
        ‘Well, perhaps you can tell me how I am to wash myself.’ Maxwell stepped into the steaming water and let himself sink into the bath. His wet chest glistened from the light of the candles. ‘And I will do as my Magister commands.’

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