The Demon Hunts the God

It is now April 11th, and that means it’s Solavellan DAy, the celebration day for Solas from the Dragon Age video game franchise, all the various types of relationships we may have with him.

As a first thing I’ve done for this occasion, is a short fan-fiction story that is for all Solas relationships, that features Lucanis Dellamorte.

Lucanis Dellamorte receives a job he cannot refuse, his target is the Dread Wolf, and he fears he may not return from this one.

Lucanis looked down at the parchment that gave him his target. He stared at the wax seal stamped on it: that of the Inquisition. He threw the parchment into the fire; he had to get rid of the evidence. He cracked his knuckles. His targets usually knew he was coming for them; it would be no different this time.
         Lucanis could feel his heart beating in his chest. He was the Demon, how fitting, but even a real demon could not catch this target. How was he going to hunt one who did not wish to be found? His target was the most dangerous man to exist. No, not man, god. He chuckled to himself, shaking his head. His target was the Dread Wolf.
         Lucanis leaned a hand on the stone wall above the fireplace, staring down into the fire.
         The servant who had brought him the message was a young elf, perhaps a fresh recruit well disguised. The parchment had had only three words inscribed on it. “Your target: Solas.” Straight to the point, he could appreciate that. No useless embellishments, no time frame or constraints. This would give him much liberty in his search. There was also no payment written, but the elf who’d brought him the message had also given him a sack of gold. The Inquisition’s seal all but guaranteed proper payment would come once the job was done.
         Lucanis heard footsteps climbing the stairs to his room and the door opened. Lucanis didn’t need to look up to know his cousin had just entered his room.
         ‘What’s wrong?’ Illario asked. ‘You look like you’re about to be sick.’
         Lucanis took a moment to figure out how to tell his cousin he was walking into certain death.
         ‘Is it the Venatori?’ Illario asked.
         ‘A job.’
         Illario let out a one-breathed laugh. ‘You’ve never let a job worry you before.’
         Lucanis looked up and into his cousin’s eyes from across the room. ‘I might not return from this one.’
         Illario’s brows furrowed into a scowl. ‘Then refuse it.’
         ‘It’s too late, I’ve already agreed and accepted the first payment.’ Lucanis began to fiddle with one of his knives.
         Illario hesitated. ‘Well? Who’s the target?’
         ‘The one being that might kill me.’

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