The Demon Undead (Dragon Age Fan-Fiction Short Story)

The Demon Undead is a Dragon Age Fan-Fiction Short Story inspired by the recent stories released on Dragon Age Day. This one pertains to the events in “The Wake” and take place shortly after, where Illario Dellamorte discovers that his cousin, Lucanis Dellamorte is actually alive.

Illario Dellamorte stood in front of the mirror arranging his collar. Somehow he didn’t seem to be able to place it quite how it should be. The jacket didn’t feel right either, it was too stiff. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that his cousin was dead and now he had greater responsibilities than he had ever hoped for.

Illario let his shoulders slump for a moment. He had always wanted to become the First Talon. He had wanted Caterina to choose him. But not like this.

There was a knock on his door. Viago DeRiva peered his head in the room.

‘You have a visitor,’ he announced.

‘Tell him I’ll be right over.’ Illario didn’t even turn away from the mirror. He felt obsessed with getting the collar to stand up right around his neck.

‘No need,’ said Viago. Through the mirror, Illario saw Viago motion a chair in a dark corner of the room where sat a man dressed in a dark cloak and hood.

Illario doubled over, stepping away from the mirror, gasping. ‘How did you get in here?’ he demanded. Illario turned to the door, but Viago had already left and closed the door.

The man in the chair lifted his head and removed his hood.

Illario choked on his saliva. He blinked several times. This couldn’t be! He was staring at the face of his cousin, Lucanis Dellamorte.

‘You’re dead! Which means you’re a demon!’

‘Well, I am the Demon.’ The man had his cousin’s voice.

‘No! This isn’t real!’ Illario backed away, his gaze transfixed on the man, his jaw tight.

The man with his cousin’s face stood from his seat.

‘Illario, it’s me. I’m not dead.’

‘Prove it!’

Lucanis rolled his eyes. ‘Seriously?’ He sighed. ‘Just stop shouting. You want the world to know I’m not really dead? After all the trouble I went through?’

‘How?’ Illario kept his hand near his dagger. ‘More importantly, why?’

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