Chapter Six – Lady of the Crypt (Star Wars SWTOR Fanfic)

The host of Jedi took a cautious step forward, holding their lightsabers at the ready. They were careful not to step on the skeletons. Knarf looked at Shadie, she looked focused. She turned to him, her face reflecting the green hue of her lightsaber; she held it as one blade. She changed it to her left hand and reached towards him to take his right hand. He did the same, switching his lightsaber from his left to right hand — Knarf was left-handed, though his training allowed him to be adept using both hands —  and he took Shadie’s hand.
Shadie took the lead a bit, but still held Knarf. They walked slowly and cautiously. They were perhaps midway across the long corridor when they heard the voice, recognising it from the previous whispers.

‘Who dares to trespass into my domain?’ No one answered, they simply kept on forward. ‘Speak, or be cut down with the power of dark side.’

‘I am called Shadie or Eidahs, I am the Lady of the Crypt, and I am accompanied by those with whom I share my power.’

‘Yes, yes, I can feel you. Come, come, young ones, come to my domain.’

He sounded hungry for power, for Force energy. Knarf held Shadie’s hand ever more tightly, as they all kept on towards the chamber. When they came to the door, it rolled open for them.

* * *

            The room they entered was very large and circular; it’s ceiling, a dome. It was dimly lit by torches that looked ancient. A dark marble floor, almost black, lay in tiles that formed a circular low platform closer to the centre of the room, the rest of it was made of stone. There seemed to be a makeshift bed and some sort of encampment at the far end. In the middle of the platform, yet farther back than its exact centre, was a throne that looked like it was part of an altar. Shadie had never seen anything like it; nothing in neither Sith records nor Jedi archives had spoken of it either.

On the throne sat a cloaked and hooded figure.

‘You are the true Master of the Crypt, are you not?’ asked Shadie. She stood with the others on the platform; they still held their lightsabers aloft and lit. She made a quick curt bow of respect.

The being stood from the throne and took a step towards her.

‘No,’ he said. ‘I am its creator.’

He cast off his hood to reveal his face; he was a Pure-Blood Sith, one from the line of the ancient Sith species. His face was of a burgundy-red, several protrusions stuck out, as this species often had on their faces, with several golden rings. His hair was black and long.

‘You have passed the trials, Darth Shadie, Jedi Eidahs, Lady of the Crypt; you have gained the power I have bestowed upon you, the power I allow all masters of this place to wield. It is not borrowed but earned. Have you earned your right to hone this power?’

‘I have done all I could to prove my worth,’ said Shadie. ‘I was chosen by the protector of this place, the Sphere, long before I ever claimed it. It chose me for my power, chose me because I am both light and dark. I have created abilities no other, Jedi or Sith, has ever performed. I believe all this earns me this right.’

‘Very well,’ he said. ‘Now you have claimed it, you have gained power. You realise that having this power will not take away the power this Crypt’s former master wields?’

‘I understand that, yes,’ Shadie replied, nodding.

The being stared at Shadie for some time, then he turned to stare at the others, one by one.

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