Knarf and Talyc on Mandalore (Cosplay & Fanfic Photoshop Experiments)

Agent Knarf and Talyc Kandera of Clan Kandera are original characters, and main characters, from my Star Wars fan-fiction, which takes place in the Old Republic era. Agent Knarf is Shadie’s husband, hence my husband cosplays as him. Talyc is Knarf’s best friend in the series.

Talyc & Knarf (w)

Knarf and Talyc (Shadie series – Binky Ink – Celinka Serre)

My husband and I had a lot of fun taking a great deal of cosplay photos, in character, with various poses. I used images of an armour set from SWTOR in Photoshop to fix to his body, using the colour replacement tool to give the colours I wanted.

For Talyc, his armour goes through the same process but I created him in Dragon Age Inquisition. That’s right, he’s an Inquisitor to begin with. I had something very specific in mind for him, so I went in-game to create him with the DA elaborate character creation, and used screenshots of him from some recorded gameplay footage. I added the subtle scar on his nose in Photoshop afterwards.

In the image, Knarf and Talyc are on Mandalore, in one of the bunkers used for meetings. In actuality, it’s a screenshot from SWTOR. Putting these images together, mixing fanfic, game and cosplay really gives me the freedom to create the characters I want.

As always, I’m open to feedback.

This image was created for my Star Wars Fan-fiction story, Masters of the Force, story 3 in the Darth Shadie / Jedi Eidahs series.

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