Fable 3 Shenanigans at 720p (Exported for 720p) (Xbox Consoles)

While I was busy playing the lute and making pies, my husband had a gift for me he was insisting I take. These are my Fable 3 Shenanigans, recorded with Upload Studio for Xbox Consoles on my Xbox One, at the 720p setting.

Observations from this 720p recording:
– Cut scenes looks fairly good.
– When running around, textures blur a bit. If they have more detail, there is more blurring. Grass is blurrier than stones.
– Overall textures aren’t that great.
– Action sequences move nicely, but blur when there are quick actions going on.
– With an unmoving camera, the image looks sharper than when it’s moving.
– File size after 1 hour of recording was 1.76 GB, a fair size.

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