Fable 3 Shenanigans at 1080p (Exported for 720p) (Xbox Consoles)

I was exhausted after that guy’s mind conjured an image of me running “for the better part of the day”, but “you won’t catch me taking a bath.” These are my Fable 3 Shenanigans recorded with Upload Studio for Xbox Consoles on my Xbox One, at the 1080p setting. In order to make this short video with the highlights, it was downgraded to 720p in exporting, but still looks much better than the 720p native recording.

Observations from this 1080p recording:
– Even downgraded, textures are much more crisp. Not downgraded, the sharpness is as good as the original game on my television screen.
– Overall less blurriness when running around (downgraded).
– Cutscenes are sharp, so are action sequences. No blurring in fight scenes with quick movements.
– Grass is as detailed and sharp as stone.
– After 1 hour of recording, the file size was 4.23 GB, definitely a down side, but well worth it to have the best possible quality when recording game play on an Xbox console.

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