How To Record HD Game Play for 1 Hour (Xbox Consoles)

One of the frustrating things about being an Xbox gamer is that there is no built in program that allows us to record Game Play footage at high resolution for long periods of time. We have to go in round about ways to figure it out. So in this video, I explain exactly how to record game play from your Xbox console for up to a full hour in HD. I showcase my own test from a 720p recording and from a 1080p recording (which was downgraded afterwards, though the difference is very apparent between 720p and 1080p). Upload Studio typically lets you record up to 10 minutes max, but with an external drive, you can record a full hour. Also, the Windows 10 game bar let’s you record for longer, but if you’Ve tried it, you know that the screen blurs, so Upload Studio and an external drive is the best way to record HD game footage for mroe than 5 minutes, up to an hour. This tutorial explains how to set things up.

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