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Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Xbox One Review & First Impressions Amazing

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out and I've been playing on Xbox One. That's the regular Xbox One, not Xbox One S, not Xbox One X, and I don't have Xbox Series X yet. So this is in Full HD, not 4K. Mass Effect Legendary Edition still looks amazing on Xbox One. There are a few hitches at times when walking around, but nothing major. These are my first impressions of the game, filled with gameplay clips to show you what I mean. Let me know what system you're playing on and how you're liking the graphics and changes so far.
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Corrupted Hard Drive Misadventure (Gaming Woes Story Time)

I recently experienced a misadventure with a corrupted hard drive from Seagate that I’ve been using to record game play on. This drive was designed specifically for the Xbox consoles.I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition when a glitch in the game cause the entire external hard drive to become corrupt. In this story time, I explain the full story, the Seagate Warranty and what the update is regarding my capacity to record future game play. Have any of you ever gotten a hard drive corrupted from glitches while recording from a console?

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