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Fun Fictional Characters Questions

I answer some fun questions regarding fictional characters, such as my current fictional crush, who would I like to meet, who would I like to be like, who I grew up with, my first fictional crush, a character I relate to…

There is a lot of Dragon Age in here and a lot of Star Wars too.

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But here’s a quick snippet:

1) Your favourite fictional character:


It has to be Solas, from the Dragon Age Universe. He is such a complex character. He is ancient, an elf, and the reason so much in the world has happened. He is on a desperate journey to right a wrong he did as consequence for seeking justice. In short (spoilers) mages just like him killed a fellow mage and he locked them up in the realm of magic. Doing so created a Veil that separated the world from this realm, called the Fade. And destroyed the elven world that once was. He wants to restore it, but doing so, as things stand right now, will destroy the current world. Yet in the romanced Inquisition story, he is torn between the love he has for the Inquisitor and his mission. He is full of woe, and blinded by his obsession to correct a past mistake. In the next game, we will likely either be able to save him, or destroy him.

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