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Join in on the Celebration for Dragon Age Day! Create, Watch, Donate, Have Fun!

Dragon Age Day is approaching fast, it falls on December 4th, and I am so excited to be helping out this year with the French translations and the fundraiser.

There are a ton of creators creating content, streams, fanart, fanfiction, etc, just for Dragon Age Day. If you plan on taking part, just be sure to use the #DragonAgeDay for us to easily find you on social media. I’m most active on Twitter for the event.

The AbleGamers Charity helps gamers with disabilities by providing specilised equipment at no cost to the player in need.

There are also a number of rewards each person who contributes can select to receive in return for their donation. One of these is a short fanfic written by me with the characters of your choice. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a commissioned fic from me, since I don’t know when or if I’ll open commissions for fics in the future.

Here’s an excerpt of a fic I wrote to give you an idea of my writing style.

So come join in on the fun for Dragon Age Day! I’m sure Bioware will have a few little funsies for us this year like there was last year and I look forward to it all. If you decide to donate with a reward fic, select “Short Fic from Binky” in the list of rewards.

DA Day official website: https://www.dragon4geday.com/
Tiltify Fundraiser to donate to AbleGamers: https://tiltify.com/+dragon-age-day-2021/dragon-age-day-2021

Find me on Twitter where I’m most active: https://twitter.com/binkyprod

Ma serannas!

Dragon Age Day! How and Where to Celebrate!

Come celebrate Dragon Age Day with us all on December 4th. There will be interviews from voice actors and composers, streams, funsies from writers, all sorts of videos and compilations, fun stuff up until the day, on the website, on Twitter, and on the YouTube channel. I'm helping out this year and it's been so much fun so far to be part of this team. Check it out, subscribe, and join in on the fun on December 4th.
#DragonAgeDay #DragonAge #DragonAge4

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