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NSFW Solas Secret Love Scene: The One We Wish We Got (Dragon Age Solavellan Solas x Lavellan Parody)

Solas Secret Love Scene: The One We Wish We Got! This is a re-edit of in-game dialogue and sounds from Solas, mostly battle grunts, (even that “Yes”) into a parody style scene, using Solas Swap gameplay of Cullen romance provided by Vampy, along with some of my own gameplay, to recreate a simile love scene between Solas and Lavellan, a Solavellan love scene of sorts, with a few additional sound effects. Thus this parody re-edit may not be entirely safe for work.
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Vampy’s Twitter: @Vee4Vampy

Solas Battle Grunts used herein provided by Geeky-Jez on Tumblr: https://geeky-jez.tumblr.com/post/107353916233/thedosianimports-raspberry-milkyway

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