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“I Should Have Slept With You When I Had the Chance!” he said.

But our relationship was a Flirtmance!

So, I should preface this by disclaiming that I am happily married, but that does not prevent me from appreciating people from my past or what they meant to me back then.

The Backstory

Shortly after my abusive relationship, I was working in a theatre and there was this one actor rehearsing for a play (we’ll call him P) who would chat with me every shift I had. It began as small talk, but after a while turned into a bit of a subtle Flirtmance.

As an usher, sometimes I would spend my time sitting on a bench just outside one of the theatre halls in case a spectator needed assistance or something. We’d take turns with different tasks, and I got to watch a lot of plays that way. I worked evenings and some matinee shifts, and 4 days a week, so sometimes I was there a lot.

I’d bring in books to read for when I’d just be sitting and waiting for intermission and the end of the show. P would come sit next to me on the bench in between rehearsals and we’d chat. The books I was reading at the time were Star Wars books and he was a big fan too, so we’d talk a lot about that.

“Chat with you on the bench later,” I’d say.

“Looking forward to it,” he’d reply.

And after a time, we started flirting subtly with each other.

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