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Shining Stars and Cruel Curses

Sayings and Insults from Stardust Destinies Epic Fantasy Adventure with Romance stories

There are several sayings in the world of Stardust Destinies, some with sinister origins.

“May the Stars Shine Upon You.”

This saying is a farewell wish. It means the speaker is wishing the other safe travels and to remain protected.

The stars are spirits of magical beings who passed on through stardust into a different realm beyond. They can come down and guide others. It is said they guide them to protect them or help them discover truths — without revealing what they know, however, for it is up to the living to discover these truths themselves.

However, there was a time, long before recorded history, when a powerful being had so much malice and power, his magic cast a veil upon the sky and the stars were shrouded, unable to help or guide, unable to be seen, and the threat of utter destruction of the lands loomed in the air. It is unknown what happened to this being or how this being was defeated, but since then, anyone who wishes another well and safety, wishes for the stars to guide them, for as long as the stars shine, life and magic are safe.

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The Great Ocean Valley

The Great Ocean Valley is a large expanse of land that lies South of a large and long mountain range; it is part of a continent in the Northern hemisphere of the world where Stardust Destinies takes place. It is the central area where the books take place.

Great Ocean Valley (Full - Colour) (watermark)


The Great Ocean Valley is home to many peoples of a number of countries and kingdoms, where many of its settlers already existed before the founding of these kingdoms.

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