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What Will the New Fable Look Like? (Essence of Fable & Theories for Fable 4)

What will the new Fable game look like? There are many elements that encompass the essence of Fable, which I go over in this video. I speculate possible directions the game could go, when it could take place, which characters could be brought back, the setting if it’s a reboot, prequel or sequel, as well as voice a few theories I have. (The new Fable game was announced with an official trailer during Microsoft’s Games Showcase.)
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Dragon Age 4 & Fable 4 at E3 2018

Are Dragon Age 4 and Fable 4 going to be at E3 2018? Let’s look at the evidence from Bioware (EA) and from Microsoft (Xbox) to see what the chances are for each game to be presented or mentioned at the conferences during this year’s E3. We also take a brief look at the schedule for each press conference from each game developer.

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