I Was Abused! – An Introduction To Sharing More About Abuse on Medium

I am thrilled to be a writer for Dark Are the Secrets Behind These Walls publication by Wendy Geers.

I have so much to share, but where to begin?

Which anecdote do I start with? What helpful tidbit of information about abuse do I share first? What might help other survivors of abuse recognise what they lived or are still living through?

I suppose I should begin with; I was abused.

It took me ten years to tell people, besides family and close friends who were there when it happened, that I was abused. There is fear in saying it, toxic shame from the inner critic repeating the words of the abuser, embarrassment, and all sorts of negative emotions.

But it’s so freeing to be able to say these phrases.

  • I was abused.
  • I’ve been in an abusive relationship.
  • My ex abused me.
  • My ex is an abuser.

Take any variation you like; today, I can say them. Correction, I can’t just SAY them. I can ASSERT them because I have healed so much, and I am confident in taking back the sovereign power of my individuality. I can assert what I’ve lived, but it was a dark place, and for a long time, I was in that dark place.

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