I Didn’t Recognise Him, So He Complained To The News!

I was working a clerk at a video rental store (back before streaming services existed). I’d been there a number of months and the policy was, if you forget your member’s card, we can enter your account with your phone number but you have to show your I.D.

There was a regular customer who came every week to rent movies for himself and his wife or for his kids. Sometimes he’d come twice a week. I was working full time so I saw him a lot.

This one time, he forgets his member’s card. So I enter his account with his phone number, as per. Reflexively, I say:

‘Do you have your I.D. with you?’

He just repeats his name.

Then, ‘Right, sorry, reflex. You come here often enough, it’s all good.’

And then, in the most insulted manner, he replies,

‘Uh, right. Sorry.’

I finish his transaction and the actor leaves in a huff.

My colleague turns to me and goes, ‘Do you really not know who that is?’

‘Uh, nope.’

‘That guy’s one of the biggest names in Quebec right now.’

‘Oh, woops.’

And lo and behold, he was a starring or supporting actor in a lot of Québécois movies that we had at the video store. 😬

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