He Intended To R-word Me!

But my friend saved me when she walked in on us!

The following anecdote deals with sensitive subject matter.
Reader discretion is advised.

When I was 15, a good friend of mine, AM (with whom I am still good friends), matched me up with a guy she knew. He was 14.

It all seemed fine.

I mean, we were all looking for some summer romance, someone to hold hands with and kiss a bit. But that was basically it. I mean, at 15, that’s all I wanted; attention from a guy in those ways.

So I meet this guy, we’ll call him Y (because my best friend calls him Yuck, and rightly so), and we start kind of dating. We’d take walks in the evening as the sun would set, and he seemed nice enough.

At 15, I was also very interested in hanging out with my friends, and AM and I loved hanging out with some of her neighbours and her sister.

We set a basketball date at the park one day; we were going to all meet up there. AM mentioned she might come by my place. I was alone at home upstairs in my mom’s duplex. I left the door unlocked for AM.

Y came by early, so we sat on my bed chatting.

He had other things in mind, however.

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