Kaulchèc History – Stardust Destinies Appendix 2

The Kaulchèc were a people very much like the Telorians. They were polcs, no doubt, physically the same except the Kaulchèc were shorter. A nomadic people, the Kaulchèc rarely settled down. They arrived in Teloria when travelling from the east to explore the west and felt at ease, so they lived a few years in the magical forest of Mistoff.

Map of the Great Ocean Valley from Stardust Destinies

The Kaulchèc brought tangible magic to the Telorians and taught them how to use it. Before then, the Telorians were magical, but they did not exercise magic as strongly or as often. They focused on understanding and meditation, and used magic in healing and harvesting, and even prophecy, using herbs and stones to help make a ritual or prayer more meaningful and fulfilling.

The Kaulchèc introduced practical magic and the Telorians began to perform magic. They spoke a similar tongue, so the Kaulchèc created a new magic based on the Telorian language and showed the Telorians how to create their own as well. In this way, they passed on their wisdom.

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