Shenanigans While Doing Stream Tests Playlist

You can now view my silly little shenanigans that I was doing in-game with some of my characters in SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) while testing Streamlabs for something I want to do on the channel in the foreseeable future.

I don’t plan on doing any gameplay on DarthShadie Lavellan, the Dragon Age and Gaming channel, I have Shadie’s Gameplay dedicated for that, but while I tell story-times, anecdotes, rants, and such, gaming related stories, it would be nice to have something in the background. SWTOR is perfect for the job. This would allow me to share with some funsies and shenanigans, without having to edit. I am in need to reduce my workload and editing is very time consuming. I want to be able to provide enough content on the channel without me editing less hindering my consistency. Streams is a good way to do that. I’ve never streamed on this channel before, so it will be a first when I do streams for Dragon Age related content as well. The SWTOR stuff is secondary, but it’s fun to do test and see what works.

Needless to say, I’ve done a few more tests, mostly boring to post, so those are not in the playlist, but I have found something decent enough that works for the purposes I need.

Here’s a link to the playlist if you’d like to enjoy watching me chat while my characters do silly things in SWTOR.


As a “Watch All” below:

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