Offering Fan-fiction to YOU for Dragon Age Day!

Dragon Age Day is but a few days away, taking place this Saturday, December 4th. I am volunteering this year and on top of a few other things I’m doing to help out with the event, I am offering fan-fiction scenes for people who donate to the Tiltify fundraise, which is raising funds for the charity AbleGamers.

AbleGamers provides specialised equipment to gamers with disabilities free of charge, so that these gamers can still play video games.

As an added incentive, and as a writer of both fiction and fan-fiction, I’m offering short fic scenes, so about 3 to 5 standard pages, as a reward for people who donate to the charity. I will write them with the characters of your choice, their relationship of your choice, all Dragon Age characters and settings of course, so if you’ve been fantasising about something not available int he games or a sequel of sorts, now’s your chance to take full advantage while you can.

I can write fluff, smut, regular romance, friendships, it can be with your Inquisitor, Warden, Hawke, it can be between other characters without the presence of a playable character. The choice is yours with the magic of my imagination. Just select Short Fic by Binky when you cast your spell, I mean you donation.

Come donate today!

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