Green Healing Migration to WordPress

Hello folks. I would like to inform you that I am migrating Green Healing from Whooshkaa to WordPress. This decision was made due to changes in Whooshkaa and prices I cannot afford, unfortunately. Migrating the podcast to WordPress means that I will have more control over my management of my episodes.

However, it also means uploading every audio file and to create a podcast episode I must create a post. Only then I can create archives and podcast players on pages, etc. This means that in the coming weeks, you will see new posts pop up for Green Healing episodes, many of which you may have already tuned into in the past. If you wish to relisten to some of your favourite episodes, or ignore these posts as they pop up, it is up to your discretion. Some posts/episodes may pop up more frequently, though I am considering scheduling them just so that you are not bombarded with 10 episodes all at once in the same hour.

I thank you for your patience during this migration of the podcast and for your continued support. Once all episodes are set up, I will be able to change the RSS feeds on iTunes, Spotify and other places where it is possible. I am aware I may lose access to some platforms where access could only be done through Whooshkaa, but I am still researching how to fix that so that the podcast can be available at the most platforms possible.

I am also currently preparing episodes for the fourth season of Green Healing. I am excited to begin, but this migration must be done first and foremost. Hence, there may be a delay in beginning season 4; instead of March, I might begin in April only.

Thank you again for your support. And remember, empower yourself and be emotionally free!

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