Imperial Cantina Music (and more) Star Wars The Old Republic Gameplay & OST

Enjoy all the Imperial Cantina songs, including a bunch of songs I went to track down from across the SWTOR galaxy while Cantina hopping, all while watching Shayder (Chiss Imperial Agent) dance continuously (and some jumping). SWTOR OST combined with SWTOR gameplay. Each song is titled and indicated in the video at the start of each song.

Be sure to check out some parodies with lyrics of some of these songs from this playlist:

Here are the songs in this video:
– Smeeleya Whoa Tupee Upee (instrumental)
– Under the Double Suns
– The Bothan Bounce
– Unubunko
– What Momma Doen’t Know
– Shakapeesay
– Show Me Your Papers (And I’ll Show You Mine)
– Kayfundo Naweea (Hungry Eyes)
– Boot Black and Bachani Blossoms
– Cut the Phobium
– If Tomorrow Never Comes
– Doe Azalus Ottmian
– Let Go My Lekku
– Run Kessel Run
– Shake That Wampa Down
– Smeeleeya Who Tupee Upee
– Spice Is Nice
– That Slippery Little Hutt of Mine
– Twice Around the System (And Home Again)

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