Pictures Galore Overhaul!

The Picture Galore page, the page with the links to all the photo galleries on my website, has had a major overhaul. It was way overdue too.

Previously, text didn’t align with the images and everything was weird and felt disorganised. I was not able to pinpoint what I needed to do to fix it.

Instead of trying to cram three images and links per line, I decided to make it a big scroll, but it feels more organised this way. Not only that, I’ve got blurbs to describe the photo “album” beside each link. Photos link to the albums as well as the title of the album in the gallery too.  And I’ve listed the years for each album, so if you’re looking for something from a specific time, there you have it. A repertoire of images organised in a slightly more orderly fashion.

Come have a look!

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