Hawke Is Extracted From the Fade

As a cross-over between SWTOR and Dragon Age, Hawke friends from the SWTOR galaxy use Sith Alchemy to view her world and save her.

Hawke Persistent Gore

Isabella checked the coordinates before punching them in.
‘Where are we going?’ asked Daenerys.
‘I told you, girls night out.’
‘I sense you are hiding something from us,’ replied Rosiet.
‘Ok, fine, I’m worried. We’re going to that thing there, to check that Hawke is doing all right in her world.’
‘You know that can be dangerous,’ warned Rosiet.
‘Just, we’re already in hyperspace. Let’s just get there and see that she’s all right.’
When the ship arrived at the destination, the secret Sith Alchemical Lab loomed in the atmosphere of a gas giant, hiding. The ship went to the landed dock and the women got out of the ship. They walked straight to the observatory.
‘All right, how do I select her realm?’ asked Isabella.
‘I’m not sure,’ replied Rosiet. ‘I should contact Alagos.’ She began activating her comm unit.
‘What does this do?’ asked Daenerys, pressing on something.
The holo field activated and a world was shown. Force energy loomed within the sphere.
‘Uhm, show us Hawke,’ said Isabella.
Green energy appeared.
‘What is that?’ said Daenerys. ‘That doesn’t look good.’
‘Uhm, Rosiet?’ said Isabella, ‘better tell Alagos to come here directly, and to bring Desmond and Medeusa with him. We’re going to need some help here.’

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