Darth Gourd’s Lightwhip (Cosplay & Fanfic Photoshop Experiments)

This lightwhip belongs to Darth Gourd, a character from my Star Wars fan-fiction series that takes place in the Old Republic era. He is of the Chiss species, and a Sith, a True Sith to be precise, a faction I created within the series. All original, of course, in the borrowed realm of Star Wars.

Darth Gourd's Lightwhip (w)

Darth Gourd’s Lightwhip (Shadie series – Binky Ink – Celinka Serre)

To make the lightwhip, I used Photoshop, various brush styles, the ragged ones. And then just a smaller version of that same brush for the tendrils. Using the warp tools wasn’t giving the effect I wanted, so I brushed on the curves I wanted. I used outer glows, similarly to when I do a lightsaber, with a Hilt layer and a copied Glow layer, and played around with the outer glows for each. Lighting effects were used on the background, which is a screenshot I took from in-game SWTOR.

For the hand, I was a bit lazy, I admit, I used curves and the colour replacement tool. When it comes to making a human into a Chiss, making the skin blue, I’ll have to practice some more.

I’m open to feedback.

This image was created for my Star Wars Fan-fiction story, Masters of the Force, story 3 in the Darth Shadie / Jedi Eidahs series.

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