Prologue & Chapter One – Masters of the Force (Star Wars Fan-Fiction)

01 - Header Prologue - Story 3

Approximately two years after the second defeat of Darth Kromus.

He stood in the centre of the command vessel’s bridge as the ships came out of hyperspace.  All were synced as one, every one of them, several hundred, big and small: frigates, cruisers, carriers, dreadnoughts, warships, battle cruisers, freighters, all of them. And as they all entered real space, it sent a ripple through the Force, a ripple powerful enough had they arrived on water, a great wave would have engulfed the lands beyond. That’s exactly what he wished would happen through the Force: a wave of the dark side, powerful enough to overwhelm all those who did not serve it, powerful enough to destroy all those who opposed it, such as those who now dwelt peacefully on the planet below. He knew hoping they were unaware of his arrival was too much to wish for. The ripple had made sure of that. But they would be unprepared, and panic would ensure his control over the weaker beings on the planet below. To use their fear to control them was the way of a true Sith ruler, a true Dark Lord of the Sith. And this planet and these particular beings would die. Mandalore would perish and be destroyed.
            He trained his blazing red eyes on the weapons controls and used the Force to trigger the first wave of super laser batteries from the dreadnaught, which fired the batteries from space, and they pounding onto the planet of Mandalore below.
            He stood, hands clasped behind his back, and awaited a reaction, a retaliation. He had opted for a dark grey uniform, more charcoal, but it still had some white and silver in it, and it matched with his deep blue skin, now that he hid no more from his followers. They respected him for the necessary deception and stunt of having hidden his specie’s identity from them for so long. His example served as a lesson of the importance of deception and concealment.
            He brought his hands to his weapons at his belt: his lightsaber and his lightwhip. He craved to use them, to plunge them deep into Shadie’s flesh.
            There was no response yet from below; he figured they must be in a panic. It was time to send another volley of battery lasers down onto the planet, the planet where he would begin his rule, and which he would use as an example for the rest of the galaxy, and he would be ruler of it all; he, Darth Gourd, Dark Lord of the True Sith. And he watched from above, as sensors indicated that Mandalore was burning.

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