The Queen of the Meadow

This is my entry for the Steem Monsters Rare Card Fantasy Contest week 3, for Summoner Lyanna Natura of the Earth Splinter. It won! Therefore it will now be the official story on the website.

lyanna natura

The Queen of the Meadow

The grassy fields were buzzing with crickets and cicadas; grasshoppers and ladybugs jumped and flew about. A large dragonfly perched itself atop a large leaf from a bright yellow flower, in the shade of a large old oak.

‘And for you, my loyal subject, I will grant eternal life!’ proclaimed a young Lyanna to the dragonfly. Its wings fluttered before it took flight again. ‘Fly off and spread the word. I am the Queen of the Meadow!’

‘If you’re the Queen of the Meadow, you will need a crown!’ said a man, his stubble thick, his smile broad. He bent down low and embraced Lyanna, her leafy skirt rustled as he did so. ‘And, as the father of such a mighty being, I have just the crown for this queen.’ From behind his back, he brought up a flexible twig.

‘It needs decorations!’ Lyanna said, placing her hands on her hips.

‘Of course!’ Lyanna’s father took her hand as she guided him into a garden of majestic flowers.

Lyanna picked a flower from one of the bushes and fastened it to the crown. She placed two fingers on the plant’s stem, from where she had taken the flower, and quickly the tear healed and grew a new sprout with a small leaf.

‘One day, you will be able to make gardens grow in full bloom, my child,’ Lyanna’s father said merrily.

Lyanna picked a few more flowers in this manner and fastened them to her makeshift crown. Picking up some baby’s breath, her father added to the crown the finishing touches. He placed it atop his daughter’s head.

‘You do me proud, Lyanna.’ Her father kissed her brow, embracing her and she returned the affection tightly.

A voice was heard afar. ‘Llewellyn, where have you gone to now?’ An elderly woman dressed as a noble approached. ‘My good graces, you cannot wander off so far. I don’t pay you to galavant, but to tend to the gardens.’

‘Apologies, Mrs, Barnsworth,’ Lyanna’s father said, standing up.

She waved a dismissive hand. ‘Never you mind. It looks like you have crafted an art of beauty. You should consider entering the fair contest. You and Lyanna could win a hefty amount of gold, more than I could pay you. It wouldn’t be enough to afford you your own place, but it would be a start.’

‘But we like working for you, Mrs. Barnsworth,’ said Lyanna, smiling up at the old woman.

‘Then come help me plant that tree over there.’ Mrs. Barnsworth smiled as she took the little girl’s hand. Lyanna’s father walked further down and continued his labor, watching his daughter laugh merrily as she danced around the tree.

SM teeth.jpg

Tamed Roots

10 Years Later

Mrs. Barnsworth entered Lyanna’s chamber, carrying a tiara. Lyanna stood before a grand mirror, wearing a beautiful green gown with white lace and silk embroidery. She took a deep breath.

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