Outenel! Outenel! Redcliffe Army Chant – Redcliffe Village (Dragon Age Inquisition)

There is something strange going on in Redcliffe Village in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I’m not talking about time altered rifts and time magic done by the Tevinter Magisters. Although, it could explain this occurrence. The Redcliffe Army that stands by, recites a chant, led by who I presume to be the Captain or General leading the army. The language is not one I recognise, not the common or basic language, not Elvhen, not dwarven, and it doesn’t sound Qunari either. I wonder what “Outenel!” means. Sounds like the spirit of a Jawa influenced the chant 😀

Gameplay footage from my Melana Lavellan play through.

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