New Fantasy Novel Series!

The time has come for me to reveal to you the details of my upcoming Fantasy novel series. This first installment is set to be published for either Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.

The series is called: *Stardust Destinies*. It is set in a new realm, with new peoples, and a new set of rules, where magic, dragons and prophecies come together to bring forth the stardust destinies of our five main characters.

Written by Celinka Serre. Edited by Marg Gilks. Cover Art by Sophie Brunet.

SD1 Cover Art (watermark)

The cover art is by a friend of mine, Sophie Brunet, who created this beautiful painting depicting a scene from the book. More details will come soon.

Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing

Prompted by a cryptic message, five polcs secretly leave Teloria to embark on a journey to discover many truths. It is dangerous, in this time of war, and soon, our five heroes find themselves travelling to farther lands than they had anticipated, where they discover their Stardust Destinies.

You can visit the web page for Stardust Destinies here. 

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