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Loot Boxes (How Gambling Investigations May Affect Gaming in Quebec)

Here are my thoughts on Loot Boxes and how the investigations regarding them being considered as gambling may affect the future of video games and gaming in the Province of Quebec in Canada, due to our laws in regards to gambling.

Gaming & PTSD (How Video Games Helped)

Binky shares in this Storytime style video, how video games helped her during the most intense moments of her PTSD, and continue to help today in her recovery, how gaming was medicinal.

Why I Removed My G2A Link

I learnt something about G2A and how the company runs things that conflicts with my core values, which is why I have decided to remove that link and the video about it. In THIS video, I explain exactly what I discovered about how the site perpetuates fraudulent activity.

Gaming & Depression (How Video Games Helped)

I share i,n this Storytime style video, how video games helped me during my Depression, and how I overcame the illness, and how gaming was medicinal.