Channel Update with YouTube Ads (Green Healing)

YouTube recently changed their Terms of Service to that of which they will be adding advertisements to all channels, including those that are not monetized. However, these channels, such as Green Healing, will not have control over the types of ads that play. I would not want to bombard you with ads. I speak about what I am going to do to help mitigate this in the capacity that I actually can, which is provide links to iTunes for Guided Meditation episodes. The audio podcast form is always linked in the Description of each episode, if you prefer that, thus far there should be no ads playing there.
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Green Healing’s mission is to share knowledge about abuse, and alternative and natural methods of healing the mind and body. Knowledge plays a large part in understanding and thus healing. Through my own personal experience, I have been able to tap into the most inner workings of my mind and body through knowledge, natural and alternative forms of therapy and medicine. Thus I have healed Depression, most of my CPTSD, and am working on overcoming other ailments as well. I hope that by sharing I can help you find your path to emotional freedom as well.

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Binky Productions is a video production company that produces Films, Commercial Videos and Multimedia for artists. Binky Ink is the writing division for freelance and fiction writing, as well as screenplay formatting. Celinka Serre is also a YouTuber for Dragon Age gaming, and Green Healing for alternative and natural healing from abuse. View all posts by binkyproductions

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