Green Healing Now on Spotify, Google Podcasts & Deezer!

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Green Healing can now be found on more podcast platforms than before. This includes: Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Deezer, in addition to being on iTunes and Whooshkaa, and for the video format on YouTube.

Feel free to check out Green Healing on any of those platforms and to subscribe and follow to catch each episode. I am making episodes for the Bach Flower Remedies, and diving in even more alternative and natural healing methods and therapies from abuse and CPTSD.

šŸŽµ Green Healing on Spotify

šŸŽµ Green Healing on Google Podcasts

šŸŽµ Green Healing on Deezer

šŸŽµ Green Healing on iTunes

šŸŽµ Green Healing on Whooshkaa

šŸŽµ Green Healing on YouTube

šŸŽ¹The Elements Healing Music:
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