My Thoughts & Feedback From Geoff Keighley’s May 23 Q&A (Summer Game Fest)


Something that Geoff Keighley mentioned at the start of his Q&A yesterday, is regarding the scheduling for the Summer Game Fest being less planned way in advance. This explains some events popping up on the schedule the day before or a few days beforehand, while some are planned already for June, July or August, with either a time slot already allocated or a time TBD.

I agree that in a digital world, things don’t have to be planned so much in advance, given that people don’t have to plan for travel and such. However, it is nice to be able to plan the week ahead, for those of us who watch these events and want to share our thoughts and reactions (review) on it all. Too last minute is not the ideal, though I don’t mind it too much. I check the website frequently, but like yesterday, I had things to do when I got the notification for the live Q&A mere 15 minutes before it started.


I probably will not be recording my reactions and thoughts for each Q&A. It seems to be a recurring thing now. Perhaps this is something Geoff Keighley will be doing every Saturday from now on, we shall see. It is a nice way to answer questions and interact with the fans in reasonable spurts (1 hour long Q&A sessions).

I am hoping to see something regarding Dragon Age 4 during this time of SGF, either during EA Play that is scheduled for June 11th, or as a stand-alone event.

Geoff Keighley also confirmed that the Game Awards will still be taking place in December, as it does every year. He said they might have a smaller sized stage, smaller audience if an audience at all, but they are beginning organising the event and beginning set design as well. It is good to hear that this event will still happen, it’s a fun one I enjoy watching. I wonder how they will have the live presentations from developers, but I assume either they will be in person, or in-video for some of these.

The Robocop Frienship for Mortal Kombat 11 clip was fun to watch during this Q&A, in the interview with Ed Boon segment. It’s refreshing to see something a bit different, people having fun with their own games, even if it’s not something I will play.

Geoff mentioned the possibility of having Phil Spencer from Xbox on a stream for SGF. I find Mr. Spencer is a charismatic speaker for live events. It would nice to see him and other heads and spokespersons of companies take part in SGF events, and join in for some live interviews and announcements and such. Speeches from these people is always a big part of E3 and I hope it can be implemented as a part of the SGF as well. As Geoff Keighley says, it is more like a podcast, more relaxed, and I find it more personable.

SGF my original tween & fun idea

Something I enjoy regarding Geoff Keighley is all the Canadian jokes, puns and references. He emphasises game developers who are Canadian, because he himself is Canadian. I suppose it’s fun for us Canadians. Last week, I tweeted a question that he had not seen during the Q&A. (See above tweet caption.) So that was fun, I got acknowledged, I got an actual response. I was content.

The next morning, I saw Geoff’s quote tweet, him kind of seeing what the fans think of it, where he write “Love this idea.” And he even tagged Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) in his tweet, since the actor is Canadian and a friend of his.

SGF my idea GK loves it

His tweet has over 400 likes and a number of comments, some of which voicing excitement to see if this can actually be a thing. I can only take credit for throwing the idea out there, but heck yeah I’m going to revel in it and take credit for inspiring someone. It just goes to show how down to earth this guy is and how much he enjoys community feedback and enjoys hearing out the fans and their ideas. If he implements the idea, it’ll be so much fun to see what he does with it, and to know that even if it’s in some small way, I contributed something that someone found valuable, that someone appreciated. And if it doesn’t become a real thing, at least I brought a smile on someone’s face. It just proves that appreciation comes from anywhere at any time and it’s exciting, it makes me giddy.

SGF my idea GK loves it my reply

I look forward to more SGF content, and hopefully, having more than 15 minutes notice for the next Q&A, hah. I will look out for one next weekend.

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