New TRON Steemit – Justin Sun Moving Into The House Or Just A New Landlord?


What I Want

I just want to be able to continue to post freely, whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want.

I want to continue to hold the copyright to my content, because I do have copyright certificates for some of the things I post here, and as a writer and author, that is important to me.

I want to continue to earn income from posting and curating, because Steemit has been a viable source of income for me. I am ill, I cannot work a regular job, and I am working hard on my creative projects to be able to monetise them. Posting on Steemit is part of that monetisation. We are all deserving of an income on Steemit.

Steemit small

I want to continue to feel that my voice on Steemit has value and that I as an individual amidst many, have and add value to Steemit. Many witnesses, curators, other creators, and even the devs, have always, mostly, worked hard so that we each feel valued. I want that to remain.

I want our voices to be heard. There have been some changes that came out of the blue in the past and some things that did exclude the smaller content creator. I want that to change for the better and not for the worst.

New Landlord Or Is He Moving In?

There are two possible scenarios that I see here, analogies, if you will.

Scenario 1: Some things I’ve heard make it feel as though Justin Sun is moving into the house. He just bought the house we were already paying for and maintaining daily. Now he’s moving in, changing the tapestry, removing carpets, changing the paint where it doesn’t need to be changed…

ORScenario 2: Is he simply a new landlord. He’s coming in to inspect the property we’re living in, assessing the repairs that need to be made, taking everyone’s needs into consideration. Changing paint where it’s peeling off only, letting us choose the colour, adding improvements to the foundation to make the house sturdier during cold winter periods, or during droughts. Willing to backtrack and change something back if he realised he broke it more, but fixing only what is already broken and not changing too much that which is working perfectly fine…

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