Dorian Romance, Dog Treats, & Exalted Council – Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay – Maxwell Trevelyan

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Learning Dorian is a Magister – Dorian Romance – Trespasser: Maxwell Trevelyan speaks with Dorian and learns that his Amatus has become a Magister, taking his father’s place in the Magisterium. They discuss what that means for their relationship.

Dog’s Treats Reward – Trespasser: Maxwell Trevelyan has collected dog treats for Cullen’s Mabari, and the hound fetches his reward: The Cudgel of the Gold and Ebon Queen!

Exalted Council and Dead Qunari – Trespasser: The Exalted Council begins, with Leliana at the head as the Divine,, and Maxwell Trevelyan is asked to leave the Exalted Council when a dead Qunari is found.


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