Considering Divines and Reminiscing Dances – Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay – Maxwell Trevelyan

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Skyhold Conversations After Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts: Maxwell Trevelyan does the rounds and talks to his companions and advisers after the vents of the Winter Palace where Gaspard became Emperor while Briala rules Orlais behind the scene, and Maxwell shared a lovely dance with Dorian.

Chat with Dorian About Dance: Maxwell Trevelyan talks with Dorian regarding their lovely dance that they had at the Winter Palace. (Dorian Romance)

Considering Leliana as Divine: Maxwell Trevelyan talks with Leliana and hears her viewpoint and what she would do if she were to become divine, and considers her as an option. Leliana also mentioned that Divine Justinia V left her something hidden and they should go investigate together at a later date.



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