Wicked Eyes & Wicked Hearts Conclusion – Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay – Maxwell Trevelyan

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Fighting Floriane – Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts: Maxwell Trevelyan fight Duchess Floriane to stop her coup and to gain an advantage against Corypheus.

Gaspard Emperor, Briala Rules, Dancing with Dorian – Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts : In the aftermath of Empress Celene’s death, Grand Duke Gaspard becomes the Emperor of Orlais, but only because Briala is the brains behind and the one truly ruling the people of Orlais. Then Maxwell Trevelyan has a chat with Morrigan before winding things down with a nice dance with Dorian (Dorian Romance).

Planning the Next Divine: Maxwell Trevelyan returns to Skyhold from the Winter Palace, only to be greeted by a Chantry Sister pressing for there to be a new Divine pronto, and of course, the candidates are Leliana the Left Hand of the Divine, and Cassandra, the Right Hand of the Divine.


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