Here Lies the Abyss – Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay – Maxwell Trevelyan

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Chit-chatting with Sera & Cole: Maxwell Trevelyan walks around SKyhold and has a chat with Sera and then with Cole.

Here Lies the Abyss Part 1 – Adamant Fortress: Maxwell Trevelyan and his team, accompanied by Grey Warden Alistair and Hawke, confront the Grey Wardens at Adamant Fortress and put a stop to Erimond’s control over Clarel.

Here Lies the Abuss Part 2 – In the Fade: Maxwell Trevelyan walks into the Fade in the flesh, collects his memories, confronts Nightmare, and Hawke sacrifices herself for the others to escape. Alistair leads the Grey Wardens.


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