Princess Mundo Imperial Riviera Diamante Acapulco – 5 Star Hotel in Acapulco Mexico Review

I’ve been meaning to write up a review for the Princess hotel in Acapulco in Mexico for some time. I was talking with my mother the other day and we were reflecting how it feels like just yesterday I went to Mexico. It has now been 3 months. I’ve got things to say about room service, food, quality, respecting my specific needs, etc. You’ll only get my honest opinions and reflections here.


So let’s begin with arriving. Wind in my hair, while snow fell up in Canada… We did miss the snow storm.

hotel room panoramic

So, the hotel required us to have tags on our wrists, and I am so sensitive and anxious, I did not want anything clamped down around my wrist for EIGHT full days. All I did was ask if they could put it on my purse, and I said I ALWAYS have my purse with me. No problem. They were VERY accommodating.

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