Pretty Boys Rule and A Winner Is Crowned! (Big Brother Canada 7 Review)

Last night was the Finale of Big Brother Canada 7, and boy was it amazing!Every year, as a viewer, I want the Winner to be someone who represents the season well, someone for whom I’ve been rooting, someone who I feel that if I met them in real life we would get alone. Dane fits the bill in every aspect.

This year, the Pretty Boys ruled the house. They were a power alliance. Normally, I don’t root for the dominating alliance, but these four guys were compelling, relatable, and showed true emotion. They were real, they were raw.

854595_BBCAN S7 _Pretty Boys_ for Global Access_tnb

Adam formed the alliance, with this dream he had of dominating the game and getting to the end. He was a comp beast and had a great social game too. Anthony was the mastermind manipulator, never touched the block, he was the villain of the season. Mark was the awkward dude who wanted to make waves, was willing to go against the grain, even go against this alliance, but int he end, he stayed “loyal to the soil.” And Dane had a strategic game, was a comp beast, and did some masterminding to remain safe and go after targets. He had it all.

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