The Most PASSIOnate Speech At Anarchapulco 2019!

Mark Passio puts the Passio in Passionate! He exudes passion. There is just something about the way he talks. Not only is he an eloquent speaker, but also his voice projects, he enunciates, and he inflects at specific moments and adds emphasis where necessary to get his point across. He adds oomph! And he inspires!

Mark Passio 1

I first heard of Mark Passio a good number of years ago from Frank who had been listening to his content for quite some time. While my awakening began before this time, due to my healing from the abuse, Mark Passio’s content on Psychopaths, the Triangle of Hell, left-brain right-brain imbalances, and Natural Law, really is what got me going down the Anarchist rabbit hole. Not only did it help me understand myself better, what I was going through and what I had experienced, understand even my abuser in a way I had never before, I began a path towards the search of freedom “tout court”.

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