Meeting Jeff Berwick at Anarchapulco 2019 and What He Said To Me!

What Jeff Berwick said to me really resonated and I had an epiphany.

Mexico, we had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Berwick. Something that stood out to me while we spoke and during his speeches, opening and closing, is how he was genuine. His opening speech was funny; he expressed his true emotions, with a lot of “Thank you’s” and a few “Fuck you’s” too. I can understand the sentiments he was expressing. Showing vulnerability on stage when speaking of his struggles and his family showed a side of him I had not quite seen before. What the guy has created in terms of movement and event is an amazing accomplishment and I feel very grateful of its existence and blessed to have met so many kind and caring people while there.

Jeff Berwick 01

So when I met him face to face, it was before the Opening of the event. Frank and I were walking by not far from the Main Conference area and Jeff Berwick was walking one of his dogs. I’ve got to say, those dogs were very well taken care of. When they weren’t with Jeff, they were with folks petting them, holding them. They had the deluxe edition of dog service, that’s for sure.

Approaching Jeff Berwick, we probably looked like babbling fools. “Oh, Jeff Berwick!” “Hi, uh.” “We’re fans!” This was both of us talking at the same time. After initial introductions, we got chatting. Jeff asked us where we were from, so we discussed the direct flight, etc. You know, a bit of casual small talk. Then we mentioned it was our first time here and Frank mentioned that we didn’t know until upon arrival basically if we’d make it due to my anxiety. So Jeff asked a few questions regarding that and we spoke a bit about EFT and such.

By the way, I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that another detail I did to help make going possible was I “hibernated” in my “cave” over the holidays. Did nothing, and went nowhere. It gave my mom a break, my sister a break, Frank and the kids went to his family, but I stayed home and took care of my body, since every year the stress of going to so many places in just two weeks makes me sick. I didn’t get sick.

So, jump back to chatting with Jeff Berwick and he says to me, non-challantly, in a matter-of-fact manner, but without any judgement: “You know you have nothing to be afraid of, right?” And my reflex was: “Yeah, duah, of course!” And when that sunk in, I had an epiphany. That resonated so much, and here’s why…

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