Tibetan Singing Bowl (Pure)

This is a little over 5 minutes of pure Tibetan Singing Bowl, no background or ambient sounds, no mixing of changing of pitch, just the pure bowl as it was recorded. Ideal for those who want to listen to the bowl in its pure and raw form.

Later on, I will have “tracks” made with this bowl, not necessarily from this very recording, but a variety of tracks to fit those who enjoy various sounds in the background while they hear the singing bowls.

Enjoy the healing vibrations of this Tibetan Singing Bowl. It’s best to listen with ear phones or through good speakers. Its healing energies are calming and encourage healing within the body and mind, physical healing and emotional release. It can be used to relax, help you fall asleep, for meditation, or simply to enjoy while you do other things, allowing your subconscious mind to benefit from its vibrations.

This track was recorded with my very own Tibetan Singing Bowl, as shown in the images.

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