Journey to Meridian, Peebee’s Loyalty Mission, Salarian Ark Mystery (Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay)

Aside from preparations and wrapping things up, this week for Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay, we embark on the Journey to Meridian, track it down, conclude the mystery regarding the Salarian Ark and earn Peebee’s Loyalty with her mission.

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Vetra Mountain Climbing, Salarian Mystery, Peebee (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 73)

The Journey to Meridian & aftermath (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 74)

Peebee, Drack, Jaal, Eos water & Architect (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 75)

Nexus & Tempest (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 76)

Peebee: Reclaiming POC (Peebee’s Loyalty Mission) (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 77)

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