Authority, Peril, Road and Rivaaah! (Dragon Age The Last Court Narrative Gameplay)

Market Day 6: We reduce Rumors of Revolution, we gain Authority, and we head towards Land and Rivaaaah. But in actuality it’s Road and Rivaaaaah! Oh boy, we play around with zig-zaggin Peril. You see, we reduced Peril but only by a bit, to reduce it by a lot, we need to use Road and River card (Road and Rivaaah!). For that, we need Peril at 100. So the goal is to get it back up to 100 to reduce it significantly. Will we succeed before the Divine arrives? And then, we Finally manage to reduce Peril as we need it. We also gather resources and go Hunting for Trophies and Viands for the Grand Feast, in preparation for Divine Justinia’s arrival.

Voices, accents, sound effects and narration by me.

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