Wyvern, Bodyguard, & Investigating the Sealed Chantry (Dragon Age The Last Court Narrative Gameplay)

Market Day 3: We gain a Bodyguard and go hunting for the Wyvern to heal the Dowager, experience some funny health moments. Then we continue to solve more cases and gain resources. And then, aside from gathering resources beforehand, we enter the unknown, we seek into the forbidden, and investigate the Sealed Chantry. Andraste protect us, Maker preserve us, we find something that could undo Serault forever and put her into more shame than the Shame himself could ever have.

Voices, accents, sound effects and narration by me.

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Hunting a Wyvern & Gaining a Bodyguard (Dragon Age The Last Court Gameplay Part 8)

Investigating the Sealed Chantry (Dragon Age The Last Court Gameplay Part 9)

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